Gov. Malloy

Ya can’t win. Both sides hammer Malloy over appointment

Sometimes you just can’t win.  Both Repubicans and Democrats are criticizing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy over his appointment of former Hamden Mayor Craig Henrici to head the state’s Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities.  They say the governor failed to get input from Connecticut’s disability community before making his appointment.


Gun protesters

Gun control advocates ready to protest Christie visit. Labriola: Dems ‘hypocritical’

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie visits Greenwich, Connecticut Monday for a big state Republican Party fundraiser, he can expect to be greeted by protesters, who support stricter gun control laws.  Christie vetoed a bill that would have mandated tougher gun control in the Garden State, including limiting magazines to 10 rounds.  The bill was similar to one which became law in Connecticut in the aftermath of Newtown.

State Republican Party Chief Jerry Labriola Jr. wasted little time labeling Democrats as “hypocritical” for protesting the fund raiser, telling the Hartford Courant they ought to worry about President Barack Obama, having attended a Texas fundraiser last week, without visiting the Texas-Mexico border.



John McKinney

McKinney: ‘I have not seen it in my lifetime.’ Claims GOP leadership working against him.

Connecticut Republican Party gubernatorial candidate John McKinney, who is challenging convention-endorsed candidate Tom Foley for the nomination in an Aug. 12 primary, believes he is not getting fair backing from party leadership.  “No,” when asked the question by host Dan Lovallo on the Talk of Connecticut radio stations, Monday. McKinney said he has worked for the Republican Party all his life. “To see the party use its resources, money and people to advocate in the primary for one candidate over another is a little surprising.  I have not seen it in my lifetime.”

McKinney, who was not invited to Monday night’s GOP fundraiser featuring New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, says he is up for the challenge.

State GOP leadership insists it is not favoring one candidate over another.

Joe Visconti

Visconti admits he doesn’t have complete budget plan, but…

Petitioning Connecticut Gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti admits he does not have a complete budget plan, yet, be has the outlines for one.  He also claims his rivals for the state’s top elected post don’t have a finalized budget plan either.  But he knows the state needs to change its culture and cut out waste and bureaucracy if it hopes to get back on the right track.


Mark Boughton, Penny Bacchiochi

Bacchiochi gets Boughton’s support

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who dropped his own gubernatorial bid, after running with Tom Foley as the GOP Lt. Gov. candidate in 2010, is throwing his support in the GOP primary for Lt. Governor behind state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi.  David Walker and Heather Bond Somers are also running for the nomination in the Aug. 12 primary.  Boughton had teamed up with Somers, before dropping out of the race, earlier this year.


Sen. Andrew Maynard

Prominent state Senator suffers serious head injury

Connecticut State Sen. Andrew Maynard, 52, has suffered a serious head injury and other injuries, the result of a fall, authorities claim was “from a significant height.”  Police are still investigating the incident, although it is being termed an accident.  Sen. Maynard, co-chair of the legislature’s transportation committee, is in a Rhode Island hospital.


Tom Foley

Foley questions Malloy’s decision not to take in child immigrants

Connecticut Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley, has questioned Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s decision to immediately say “no” to housing child immigrants at the Southbury Training School. “I was a little bit surprised with the governor’s decision because it was so firm and so quick.  When you’re dealing with young children, even if they’re not here legally, you ought to at least enter into a thoughtful dialogue, as how we as a state might be able to help,” Foley told NBC Connecticut’s George Colli.


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

Malloy talks about under 50% approval ratings. Says you’re happy ‘if you got a job.’

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy tells NBC 30 news anchor Gerry Brooks he is bothered that his approval rating has not reached 50 percent in his nearly four years in office.  The first-term Democrat is running for re-election in a deep blue state.

“Sure it does,” Malloy answered, when asked whether he is bothered by the ratings.  He blamed the ratings on having to do “tough things” as governor.  “But if you’re one of those 55,000 people who just got a job, you’re happy.”

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